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Crabolu textile company

  • This carpet is woven on a vertical handloom with the wicker weaving technique, characterized by the traditional Pintura bindighi lunas e calighes (15 moon and goblet pattern) technique. This artefact features an ethnic taste and the colours of the traditional model.

  • This Sardinia saddlebag, woven on a traditional vertical loom with the wicker technique, features a faithful copy of the traditional design.

  • The motif of this carpet is a new stylised interpretation of the traditional flame design, featuring original contrasts. Woven on a vertical handloom, crafted with the wicker technique, typical of the whole production of this workshop, it features different sizes and colours.

  • This hand-made carpet, woven on a vertical loom with the wicker technique, featuring a traditional design referred to as Pintura a bindighi lunas e sa rosasa (15 star and rose motif) is characterized by delicate and sophisticated colours, geometrical motifs and clearly figurativ

  • The traditional Nule flame design is the main feature of this Sardinian wool carpet, woven on a traditional vertical handloom with the wicker technique. This artefact is characterized by an ethnic touch, inspired by the colours of the traditional design.

The artisan

Tessile Crabolu is located in the village of Nule, a renowned weaving center where artisan tradition is still alive and performed. Founded in 1982 by the Crabolu brothers, the company developed and expanded the activities initiated by Benedetto Crabolu and expert weaver Pietrina Cocco, developing entrepreneurial knowledge related to the world of traditional weaving, including the production cycle, the processing and the dyeing of threads. The success enjoyed through the participation in major international exhibitions prompted the company to invest on a steady basis, diversifying products and increasing the range of products. The collection of carpets, handmade according to the ancient traditional techniques, was enhanced by the production of textiles made on computerized weaving looms. Lately, the company has collaborated with Edilana for the creation of an insulation panel, made entirely in original Sardinian wool.

The collection

Production is varied and diverse. It includes wool 100% Sardinian yarns, both raw and dyed, a collection of textiles made with non-traditional manufacturing systems and a refined line of carpets crafted using ancient and valuable manual weaving techniques, available in different models and sizes. In addition to these products, production has recently been extended to wool panels intended for the insulation purposes.

The technique

The ancient weaving techniques implemented on vertical handlooms, typical of Nule, are the main feature of this production of wool carpets. The wicker technique, expressed through a rich collection of traditional motifs and compositional schemes, allows the creation of very thick and durable fabrics. Patterns, colours and sizes can be customized according to the demands of a market that is increasingly oriented towards the search for unique and personalized products. For the production of textile artefacts made with the a pibiones technique and the innovative productions related to wool construction panels, modern production and computerized systems are used.

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Where to find them

Tessile Crabolu Via Cagliari, 63 07010 Nule (SS)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 415615 - +39 335 7837867

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