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The artisan

Giampiero Porcu's vocational training started at a young age. When he was a boy, he left to the world's jewellery capital, Valencia, where he started to train studying in depth the various branches of traditional goldsmithing, and worked as a pattern maker in some of the best top-quality jewel factories. In 1979, he decided to open his own company, focusing on the design and creation of new lines of jewels, intended to be sold to international distributors and wholesalers. But he heard the powerful call of his Motherland. He came back to Sardinia during a very fruitful creative moment, when the acquired a sound professionalism is enriched by the inspirations of local culture. The sound research work, dedicate in particular to the study of Nuragic bronze statuettes, prompted a new peculiar production line based on local identity, that he decided to present to the international public. In addition to this collection, the classic goldsmith production developed for major brands, gives him the opportunity to develop complex professional skills, granting him access to international fairs and exhibits, earning him positive feedback and the attention of the best wholesalers and distributors.

The collection

The different collections characterize the workshop production: a line of jewels mainly intended for international distributors, characterized by soft cobbles (pavé morbido), in addition to the collection of silver copies of traditional Nuragic statuettes, including 60 models, divided by character, the original copies of which are mostly exhibited at Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Cagliari. The characters represented are warriors, female figures, and Mother Goddesses, male offerers, priests, chieftains, praying figures, players, fighters, shepherds. Being true copies of the original pieces but much smaller, they are available in pendant version or as collector's pieces.

The technique

Silver statuettes are crafted following the micro-fusion technique, with great skill and expertise. Each one of the sixty models included in the collection is crafted based on an original wax model that is a perfect copy of the original piece, with perfect details despite the extraordinarily small dimensions. The soft pavé technique is typical of the jewelry production, based on constantly updated canons.

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