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Hand-Woven Fabrics

  • These elegant hand-worked filet earrings have an original and harmonious shape. Made of silver-coated metal thread and enriched by pearls and coral paste, they are part of the Reflections line that includes many other artefacts with the same stylistic features.

  • This elegant capacious bag with traditional black and white geometric patterns has the original shape of a trapezoid with handles and edging with zips and red cords that form an original guitar shape.

  • This large spectacular shawl draws on the local tradition in the recognisable choice of damask fabric with large lace patterns and black flowers on a purple background, finely finished with a long macramé knotted fringe in two colours.

  • This tibet wool shawl with rich macramé-crafted fringes characterised by an exquisite and complex technique creatively reinterprets the composition of the embroidered flounce typical of the costume of Orosei.

  • The decorations of this hand-painted table runner are evocative of oneiric marine themes, rendered with water-green and coral brush strokes. It is part of the line of accessories and home décor that stand out for their characteristic hand-painting by means of vibrant brushstrokes and colours.

Il settore

The handicraft production based on the valorisation of textiles is robust, distinctive and successful, connected to the use of traditional weaves featuring beautiful embroideries or decorative and pictorial elements.

Aimed at crafting functional and decorative artefacts to be exhibited and worn, it reinterprets tradition with impressive stylistic solutions, evocative and contemporary at the same time. Traditional themes and symbols intertwine and are investigated and explored.


Precious fabrics transform, traditional forms acquire new functions, embroidery techniques open up to new possibilities, turning into workshop-specific crafting techniques and distinctive features. The result is a production of unique and charismatic objects, one's privilege to possess.