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  • This precious ring depicts the spider, which is the symbol of intricate and patiently woven webs. Realised as a one-off piece according to the sophisticated goldsmith and sculptural techniques using silver, shells and precious stones, it is part of the collection dedicated to Insects.

  • The sinuous and original wavy shapes of this white glazed terracotta tray are decorated with stylised lapwings taken from the local decorative tradition and reinterpreted, handcrafted using the sgraffito technique, coloured with delicate brush strokes in shades of lilac and ochre.

  • Striking in its essential lines, this ring revives the women's wedding ring of the Sardinian goldsmith tradition, widespread and adopted throughout the island, which was characterised by the engraving of the groom's initials, reinterpreted with contemporary taste with the unusual use of white gol

  • The good luck symbolism of this bead necklace, including a pendant, is featured on a hand-crafted glazed ceramic surface, embellished with mother-of-pearl and a 12% sparkle-gold decoration.

  • This coffee set and sugar bowl with essential lines is lathe shaped in glossy white glazed ceramic combined in delicate contrast with the matte brown of glazed clay.