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  • This terracotta vase is decorated with palmetta (small palm) motifs, in alternating dark and light bands, designed by this artisan drawing on the motif of a ceramic fragment of Oristano dating back to the sixteenth century.

  • This large glazed ceramic picture forms part of the personal artistic path of this craftswoman, dedicated to the female world and its iconic figures.

  • Large stylised birds and the rich geometric-patterned border characterise this elegant carpet crafted according to the tuttopieno (full bodied) pibiones relief technique.

  • The cut vase sculpture is handmade and decorated with glazes and material effects. The refined color combination of red to green copper and gold, imbues the object with a significant artistic value, the result of a clear creative path.

  • This original finely shaped sofa in Sardinian chestnut wood is meticulously handcrafted so as to enhance the natural features of the wood, which is combined with the fine, entirely hand-woven hemp ropes.