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  • This striking elegant pendant reproduces the delicate profile of a woman wearing stylised headgear typical of the traditional costume of Cagliari. Made of Indian coral, pinchbeck, mother-of-pearl and pearls, it expresses the distinctive dreamy style of this goldsmith’s workshop.

  • This series of wrought iron candle holders features fluidly and harmoniously shaped stems, decorated with ropes and raffia. They are available in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

  • He reinterprets with synthesis of form the elegant female figure of Sardinian traditional dress, the sculpture is richly decorated with inspiration and clean sign, a free interpretation of the valuable local clothing embroidery.

  • The playful use of colours, in its many captivating chromatic variations, characterises these terracotta dishes that revisit the typical pottery of local tradition with simple shapes.

  • The elegant rectangular centerpiece has the essential shapes and geometric relief decoration exploring transparencies and vibrant colors, teal and soft ecru. It is part of the Insula collection of the La Reale line, inspired by the Island nature and its colors and materials.