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  • Classic and elegant, these Pavoncella (lapwing) line plates revive the symbol of local tradition, originally brush-enamelled with a fine satin finish. Handcrafted in engraved and paint brush-decorated ceramic, these plates are part of a well-assorted line of coordinated tableware.

  • It consists of two parts that fit together with each other tightly, almost closing su  prattu  de cassa, the hunter's platter, and is a sophisticated system to cook stew for meat.

  • The S’istella pendant with the typical design of the local goldsmith tradition faithfully reproduces an ancient version typical of the village of Irgoli featuring small daisies and two small hearts in smooth thread in the centre, a well-wishing symbol.

  • Crafted with evident technical mastery, these curtain rods in wrought iron have ends that are sculpted and depict different subjects, straight or curled, invariably characterised by unique manufacture and stylistic value.

  • This artistic single-piece jack knife features a buffalo horn carved in the shape of a Sardinian deer, with a balanced combination of a large bay leaf-shaped blade and an engraved steel joint ring. This precious artefact is entirely hand-made.