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  • This gold brooch is embellished with a Bolma Rugosa eye-shaped pendant and a boar tusk, aka “Su Puleu” (bunch of grapes), and entirely hand-made using traditional techniques. Traditionally used as a lucky charm against the evil, it was presented to daughters at their birth.

  • Elegant and playful, the raku ceramic whales are handcrafted in stylised shapes and come in five sizes, with different colours and surfaces.

  • Elegant in its harmonious geometric composition with small rhombuses, this large hard wearing carpet in natural white Sardinian wool is realised using the refined artisanal a pibiones relief technique.

  • The original Diart carpet is the result of remarkable knowledge, cooperation and exchange between Sardinian and Tunisian weavers.

  • L'esclusivo coltello chiudibile, impreziosito nelle pregiate forme con motivi di brillanti, ha lama di tipo Iglesiente in acciaio 420 e manico in radica di castagno con placche in argento e meccanica di blocco a pompa.