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  • The silver filigree pendant is hand-crafted and depicts the stylized shell of a sea urchin. Available in different models and sizes, it is part of the collection inspired by the marine world that includes rings, pendants, brooches and tie-offs for necklaces. This simple yet sophisticated artefact

  • The essential shape of the copper ladle reminds the one used in traditional cuisine to mix cheese in large pans during preparation. Entirely handmade, it is available in various sizes.

  • Small carved wooden mask inspired by the charming characters of the traditional carnival; it is available in different versions and sizes.

  • Un mazzo di spighe finemente intagliato e scolpito con grande pregio estetico è il soggetto della lampada a parete realizzata artigianalmente in legno di tiglio successivamente dipinto.

  • This plain and elegant carpet decorated with tone-on-tone diamond-shaped motifs, that is, the traditional rombo pintau design, is inspired by the local weaving tradition, woven on a flat handloom with the a pibiones technique.