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  • Artistic and decorative steel objects, hand-forged and engraved, inspired by the traditional textile motifs, the ox and the deer, reinterpreted by artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara for the weavers of Sarule.

  • This sophisticated intertwining of gold threads is part of the Modus Auri collection, one of the products developed within the Inkoro project, curated by architect-designer Angelo Mangiarotti.

  • Precious like small treasures, these ceramic dessert bowls are guardians of dreamy stories, expressed with the graphic and pictorial trait of this ceramist.

  • The charming figures of flamingos are depicted in elegant poses in these wrought iron sculptures, in which the fine flaming technique conveys splendid iridescent effects that evoke the nuances of plumage.

  • The detailed edging, with frayed and enamelled elements in gold frames with plastic sculpture, the precious bowl decorated with mottled enamels of copper, green and dirt  shades.