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  • The decoration of this woolen carpet reproduces a local traditional design characterised by fine geometries woven in skilful tonal variation, using exclusive yarns dyed with natural colors obtained from local plants.

  • These traditional cushions, designed to be combined in various ways, are handwoven according to the pibiones relief technique in various shades of colour on a neutral background.

  • The exquisite, original filet pendants with pearls and coral to be hung on long fine chains in modern asymmetrical compositions recall the buttons of the traditional costume.

  • Elegant and capacious, this practical bag meets everyday needs with exclusive taste, thanks to its versatility to hold a tablet or a laptop easily. Handcrafted, it can be used as a handbag or as a bag with a shoulder strap, and it has a small practical bag inside.

  • This modular bookshelf can be used in combination with others thus resulting in a kaleidoscopic designs inspired by textures with effects of Sardinian traditi .on.