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  • This series of sculptures inspired by the women of Sardinian tradition, tells the stories of their traditional attires, made by the artist in an attempt to pay tribute to the Island cultural heritage. Women are recurring figures in the Pina Monne's works, both in pottery and murales.

  • This fine linen table runner is hand-painted with watercolour shades, featuring drawn threads and several silk strips. The choice of colours is inspired by traditional Sardinian combinations.

  • It has the shape of Sardinia with a stylized version of the original and precious handcrafted tray made of chestnut wood. Accurate details express the artisan’s technical ability and versatile craftsmanship.

  • The collection of small monochromatic woman-shaped artifacts is part of the Bixinau project, launched in 2012 as a 3D tribute to all the women, aunts, granmas and girls who livened up the streets of the village throughout the day, to share advice and opinions.

  • Irregular and dynamic shapes, vibrant and bright blue shades, every element is inspired by waves. Sculptural object, handcrafted in glazed pottery, combining strong artistic high quality craftsmanship.