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  • The Boombola vase reveal wonderful circular shapes in perfect harmony and they combine a masterly lathe-shaping technique with elegant and original contemporary design, a distinctive feature of the Terrapintada workshop. Made entirely by hand with ever-changing details.

  • The”Sedattu” chair is the result of a successful design project, created by talented designer and artist Giovanni Antonio Sulas at the Farris joinery of Nuoro, that reminds the low chair used by the hearth in the Sardinian tradition reinterpreting the forms with innovative synthesis and dynamism.

  • The central decoration of the lapwings, a personal interpretation of the ancient symbol of Sardinian traditional iconography, is realised using the sgraffito technique on the white glazed surface of this large and spectacular ceramic plate, revealing the warm colour of terracotta.

  • A delicate bunch of grapes is reproduced with fine pearl setting and delicate leaves engraved on gold plate with filigree elements. It is part of the wide-ranging production of traditional handcrafted filigree jewellery, a hallmark of this goldsmith workshop.

  • A striking textile element realised using a handloom in collaboration with a group of expert weavers of the village of Aggius, and which is a fine reference to the local textile tradition, is inserted into this large ceramic fish, which stands out for its distinctive plastic effects.