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  • Il grande piatto rettangolare in vetro è decorato con elegante composizione asimmetrica di forme geometriche in equilibrata disposizione a scacchiera, declinate in raffinate tonalità del beige e blu e arricchite da preziosi dettagli in oro zecchino.

  • The round form of this fine silver pendant combines the ornaments of the local goldsmith tradition with wavy shapes that are inspired by seaweed. It is part of the Duos line featuring the combination of traditional motifs with original interpretations.

  • The delicate light green shades combine with the natural shades of clay and white, characterizing this set of ceramic salad bowls. The refined and solid colour of the internal surface glaze is combined with a finely crafted and decorated white edge.

  • This scenic, sinuous silver ring is crafted according to the traditional filigree technique enriched with the unusual use of enamel. Completely handmade, it is the result of the experimental technical and stylistic path of this artisan

  • Exclusive and elegant, the Bonu Viaggiu (literally, “have a good trip”) trolley bag is entirely handmade using artisanal woven fabrics and combining a refined aesthetic taste with sophisticated and solid manufacturing.