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  • The design of the large carpet that uses traditional weaving techniques is inspired by the marine world, providing transparencies and vibrations to the entire compositional design.

  • These pleasing ceramic Fish sculptures have dynamic and fluctuating shapes, emphasised by the wise use of white enamel and vibrant turquoise brushstrokes.

  • This vase features the vivid colours of Sardinia's land and sea; it is part of a collection inspired by Nuragic art; hand-made and decorated, it includes small prehistoric symbols crafted using the graffito technique. Available in different forms and sizes.

  • The total-white coated chest reinterprets the shapes and decoration of the wedding chest of Sardinian tradition with contemporary innovation. It is hand-crafted using solid chestnut, customizable in size and colour.

  • The high-quality composition of the decorative plate refers to artistic experimentation with informal arrangements, expressed through the combination of cobalt blue, copper green and orange-red fields, with gold-colored textural inserts.