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  • This fine linen table runner is hand-painted with watercolour shades, featuring drawn threads and several silk strips. The choice of colours is inspired by traditional Sardinian combinations.

  • They use simple and essential lines to makes the archetype of multifunctional shelves: they are available in two versions, one with natural wood and the other in coloured wood. They are called “Casette”, designed by architect Roberto Virdis and manufactured by the joinery.

  • The glazed ceramic jug is inspired by the skillfully crafted and original interpretation of the traditional Sardinian cult instrument, used for celebration purposes.

  • This prized tapestry, masterly woven with unique narrative taste, depicts the pomegranate tree in an elegant decorative composition and fine graphic stylisation, characterised by the delicate and careful weaving of fine polychrome yarns on a neutral background according to the a bagas lo

  • The plastic shape of the glazed hand-crafted and decorated ceramic vase is the synthesis of the processing of a single clay layer, that the potter shapes and bends, obtaining a sophisticated contrast between the plastic movement and the solid ceramic material used to craft it.