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  • This elegant large woollen carpet is richly decorated with colourful motifs of plants and birds. Crafted using the pibiones relief technique in the full-bodied (tutto pieno) variant, it can be customised in size, composition and colour combinations.

  • These refined linen tablecloths and napkins are decorated with motifs taken from the local textile tradition, finished with accurate hand-made hemstitching, a hallmark of this workshop.

  • This Sardinian wool carpet woven on a traditional manual loom, is made with threads dyed with natural colours. Inspired by traditional motifs, the decoration includes diamond-shaped intertwined modules, featuring a balanced composition of vibrant colours on a dark charcoal field.

  • This refined woollen carpet decorated with large rose motifs using the excellent tuttopieno (full-bodied) pibiones relief technique is rendered in a modern fashion thanks to the original choice of hazelnut against a brown background.

  • This prized necklace realised with wooden beads of different shapes and sizes, hand-painted in bright polychromy is strung so as to realise a free asymmetrical composition on a silk voile ribbon painted with fine watercolours in tonal variations.

Il settore

The traditional textile industry offers a remarkable production, resulting from the mediation between history and traditional knowledge and the needs of contemporary living. The craftsmen working on the island – almost all of them pursuing family traditions, having been trained since they were children in the use of hand looms – now offer a very high quality production, full of archaic memories but, at the same time, featuring a modern design, a reinterpretation of the past to give new life to it. Nowadays, the textiles made in Sardinia feature a distinctive Sardinian character, the core element of Sardinian craftsmanship, but they also offer new shapes, models and materials with a strong and modern personality.