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  • This hand-crafted leather pocket emptier is engraved with a moorhen-shaped decoration, typical of Sardinian craftsmanship tradition. It is perfect for living rooms and professional studios.

  • Hand-made leather anthropomorphous masks crafted on wooden moulds. They are copies of mamuthones's viseras. Available in different sizes.

  • This professional leather-refined briefcase is made of orbace, a traditional Sardinian wool fabric. With its neat and essential design, it merges aesthetics and functionality. Available in different colours.

  • Hand-crafted leather and resin mask, shaped on a wooden mould. This anthopomorphous object is a faithful copy of mamuthones's viseras. It is available in different sizes and also leather-refined, to be worn.

  • Hand-made leather and silver anthropomorphous pendant inspired by the traditional Mamoida's mamuthones masks.

Il settore

In the past, tanning and leathercraft in Sardinia resulted in the creation of valuable works, such as the manufacturing of equestrian products and traditional clothing accessories. Being imbued with a strong local identity, these productions are evocative of rural contexts and are the symbol of the legacy of a unique craftsmanship.


Contemporary productions are open to experimental practicss which meet the needs of increasingly demanding contexts, focusing on a careful and unique craft.