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L'Isola del ricamo

  • This traditional shawl is hand-embroidered on a Tibet bride fabric, featuring a typical design of Decimomannu, inspired by a floral pattern that includes symbols such as the spikes, grapes and forget-me-nots. Used for traditional attires but also as a modern accessory.

  • Original and elegant, this picture in silk fabric in three-dimensional embroidery depicts a small flower and a butterfly, sensitive tributes to spring.

  • This linen tablecloth merges hand-made embroideries and loom-made textiles crafted in collaboration with a weaver. The design is simple with a peahole hemstitch and a small crochet lace.

  • Inspired by the antique white linen dowry, this elegant linen table runner with drawn thread embroidery and long macramé fringes stands out for its prized decorative details. Entirely handcrafted, it is part of the Sprighita collection.

  • The elegant white table runner in linen has a delicate angular decoration embroidered with the design of the stylised lapwing with nuanced yarns in neutral, brown and dove-grey tones.

The artisan

For several generations, the art of embroidery and sewing has been part of the Garau family. Sisters Daniela and Paola Garau started the Isola del ricamo venture, devoting their time to the study of ancient works, techniques, materials and designs to expand their knowledge and create products with new styles and faithful reproductions of ancient artifacts.

The collection

In its production, Isola del ricamo is inspired by tradition but also creates customized lace and embroidery designs. The list of artifacts includes towels, curtains, tablecloths and pillows. It also produces traditional Sardinian costumes, furnishings and vestments, embroidery and lace embellished with precious metals and stones.

The technique

Hand-made works are crafted using natural linen and cotton, and light textiles such as silk organza, tulle, cotton and all kinds of silk. Also, all classic stitches are crafted in white and other colours. All drawn thread stitches are also made, such as the traditional Sardinian stitch and the hemstitch. Counted thread embroidery: antique stitch and back-nets. Craft of knot laces such as macramé and tatting, needle lace and bobbin lace. Precious gold embroidery for the traditional attires.

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Where to find them

L'Isola del ricamo Corso Umberto, 48 09033 Decimomannu (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 8009743 - +39 347 4972889

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