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  • This cotton and Sardinia wool carpet is decorated with warm diamond-shaped mustard-coloured patterns, dyed with natural colours extracted from local plants.

  • Ha linee decise e minimali la lampada cilindrica in marmo per esterni della linea Nur-Hag, caratterizzata dall’aspetto scultoreo applicato, con raffinata progettazione, a forme geometriche solide fessurate.

  • It is inspired by traditional iconography. It is made of chestnut, hand carved and painted with a many-coloured mark.

  • With an elongated shape and a dynamic composition, these original cotton fabric panels with traditional weavings are decorated with large red leaves and black wafer-thin lines, giving a sophisticated graphic effect.

  • This particular and practical container-table, with the two top half table tops that can be opened, draws on the traditional Sardinian sideboards, used whilst baking bread or cakes, and is decorated in this version with the distinctive shape of the two stylised lapwings, enriched with soberly bru