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  • This handcrafted cylindrical shaped standing lamp in Sardinian granite with a 360-degree light diffuser combines striking aesthetics with great functionality. It is part of the Nur-Hag collection of lamps in local stone, characterised by striking and original solid and sculptural forms.

  • The Mamuthones mask - typical of the local carnival - skilfully carved onto the single-piece polished black buffalo horn characterises this sought-after jack knife with satin-finished steel blade and joint ring.

  • The elegant large carpet in wool is crafted according to the tuttopieno (full bodied) pibiones relief technique.

  • The passion and the study of Sardinian traditions resulted in the creation of figures inspired by the local carnival costumes: Mamuthones, Boes and Merdules, shaped with skill and made even more striking by the use of dark wood colours, crafted in a terracotta mould and then hand-refined.

  • This large raku ceramic plate with irregularly enamelled surfaces is characterised by the circular shape crafted with an exquisite touch and original decoration. Entirely handcrafted with fine technique, this artefact is representative of the ceramist’s distinctive artistic trait.