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  • Zucca e Tazucca, meaning jug and cup, is an explicit tribute to the agricultural and pastoral Sardinia, used to exploit the elements of Nature as containers for different purposes.

  • 18 K yellow gold pendant crafted with the filigree technique. The design features a stylized version of a Sun, with a play of thine rays and refined filigree.

  • With its elegant great horns, the deer, Su Cherbu, a traditional Carnival mask of Ottana, offers the figure of animal in a magical and ritual reinterpretation.

  • The sophisticated shape of the jellyfish, skillfully made with technical expertise and expressive force by the artist, is one of the most representative objects of this workshop.

  • The sculpted figures of the handcrafted raku ceramic octopuses are dynamically stylised so as to enhance their playful and elegant shapes. Available in five sizes, original colours and ever-changing surfaces.