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  • This cotton and Sardinian wool carpet features a vibrant combination of warm orange and brown shades, applied to the traditional a date decoration, characterized by typical geometrical bands inspired by the traditional repertoire, decorated with wide sections of many-coloured stripes.

  • A strong identity, masterfully interpreted through original and contemporary expressive jargons. Available on its own or in free compositions, a cowbell becomes an explicit reference to the five senses as a means to understand the essence of life.

  • Thsi chestnut chopping board, fully carved by hand, traditionally used to store and carry food, features simple and essential lines, with an explicit reference to the simple past.

  • Inspired in shape by traditional Sardinian buttons, Faula, Lie, is a ceramic candle holder characterised by the elegant fretwork and relief work that reinterprets, with remarkable aesthetics, the filigree of the local goldsmith tradition and is made even more contemporary by the matte bl

  • This ceramic coffee set is characterized by irregular and intentionally raw elements.