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  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass tray evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

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  • Renowned and clearly recognisable in the sabre shape with a long blade and a small horn handle, sa leppa is the most typical Sardinian knife. Entirely and accurately handcrafted, this elegant knife has a fixed blade in carbon steel and a shaped handle in light ram horn.

  • These long woollen scarves are hand woven on the loom with fine striped effects in refined variations and shades of colours. Produced as elegant fashion accessories, they are characterised by the original craftsmanship that makes every artefact unique.

  • This glass plate decorated with mosaic motifs and evocative chromatic effects, is crafted with a glass fusion technique, through complex and detailed procedures; it is the result of a combination of innovative taste and skilled craftsmanship.