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  • This gold necklace with a richly set oval pendant made of carved vitreous paste and with an exquisite handcrafted chain evokes precious antique jewels.

  • This multifunctional object, together with other small accessories, may be used as a tray, a box or a centerpiece plate.

  • This cotton and wool hand-made tapestry is decorated with a relief a pibiones weave featuring black peacocks, ceramic elements and asphodels. The background, made on a traditional loom, has a linear design, typical of traditional dough cloths.

  • Hand-crafted leather mask, shaped through a special technique on a wooden mold. This object is inspired by traditional carnival masks and it is available in different versions and sizes.

  • This arburese jack knife features a large damask steel bay leaf-shaped blade and an single-piece Sardinian mutton horn striped handle. This precious hand-made piece is available in a leather case.