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  • Hand-worked silver crochet filigree. The original working technique puts together the lightness of the filigree element, and the material weight and chromatic strength of the bamboo coral, with unexpected sophisticated results.

  • This refined coffee table is skilfully inlaid with richly interwoven geometric shapes and sophisticated depth effects, obtained using different varieties of wood with different colour rendering.

  • The essential collections, finely intaglio decorated with a daisy motif, with its elaborate and elegant elements being part of the Sardinian tradition, enhanced by the final touch of the surface, painted and bleached, revealing the precious texture of the chestnut wood.

  • These artistic decorative objects and the candle holder are hand-made of forged and engraved steel, inspired by the scissors used to shear sheep.

  • The square-shaped large plate, reinterpreted in its decoration, depicts the creation, Mother Earth, a symbolic value that the artisan strengthens skilfully with the use of vibrating colors juxtaposed to transparent surfaces.