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  • This set of precious earrings are referred to as a mora, blackberry-shaped, and it is representative of the Sardinia’s original goldsmith tradition. In this precious pendant, the tiny baroque pearls are mounted using a thin gold thread.

  • Silver and copper ring, investment-cast, hand-finished. The object is part of the Stonehenge collection, that reproduces the surface and the grandeur of the rocks of Gallura. While displaying a single general design, the collection includes different models of unexpected beauty.

  • The graceful shape of the starfish pendant features a gold hand-crafted filigree pendant. This jewel of elegant and refined taste, is part of the collection inspired by the marine world. It is available as a ring, a pendant, a brooch or tie-off for necklaces, made of gold, burnished or whitened s

  • The transparency of glass in the large circular plate is characterized by the fluctuating shapes of delicate small decoration triangles, in vibrant colors, teal and ecru, evoking materials and colors of the marine world.

  • Handcrafted table lamp with strips of blue and light-blue glass shaped in dynamic form on a juniper wood base, it depicts a wave crashing against a rock.