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  • A young clientele especially appreciates s’istaca, the leather backpack traditionally used by shepherds and hunters to carry food and small tools.

  • This cotton and Sardinian wool carpet is charaterized by staggered stripes of different colours. The fabric is woven on a traditional flat handloom, the pattern is obtained by applying the a pistoccu technique, traditionally used to make saddlebags and doughcloths.

  • This refined gold pendant reproduces in miniature, with a fine design, the sun motif of the filigree goldsmith tradition, skilfully combined with the version with the face designed by the well-known artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara.

  • Gold filigree ring featuring a modern and original design; it is part of the Tao collection, that is characterized by the chromatic cotnrast of yellow and white gold, and includes rings, pendants, earrings and brooches.

  • Bracelet made of silver, copper and pyrite. The object is part of the Nuggets collection consisting of unique pieces and offers a reinterpretation of the surface and shape of nuggets in the rough. The silver and copper shades are enriched by the inclusion of pyrite crystals. While displa