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Ceramica Olianas Sardegna

  • The originality of their decorations and the irregular material used to craft them, are the main features of these three jugs. The fine and dreamlike decoration is the leading thread of this collection, interpreted through the stylised forms of a cow, a bird and a small house.

  • The original and irregural surface of the plates is the core feature of this set, that traditionally includes dinner, soup and dessert plates, that may also be diversified upon request with underplates and coasters featuring the same decoration.

  • The irregular shapes of this tea service consisting of a teapot, cups with saucers and a sugar bowl illustrate a magical and oneiric world in which the delicate watercolour adds to the dreamlike and fairy tale tone.

  • The delicate shades of these tile hangers reveal figures and dreamy worlds illustrated with distinctive graphic traits together with protagonists of endless adventures. They are made as functional objects of particular decorative value.

  • The irregular shape of this large ceramic plate tells a momentous story finely drawn with graphic and pictorial trait and populated by an oneiric world of animals with horses, lapwings and other naturalistic elements in very light nuanced shades.

The artisan

Working with a creative and original approach, Gianpaolo Olianas features a peculiar style and an expressive artistic and personal jargon. He learnt pottery techniques while attending a training course in Milan, where he understood that through plastic procedures, as an an artist he could experiment and apply his passion for drawing. After a long-time experience, in 1998 he opened the Ceramica Olianas Sardegna workshop, in the pictoresque Villanova district in Cagliari. In his studio he works full-time to create dream-like illustrated ceramics, well recognized in the industry and also exhibited inside his workshop and in several arts and crafts shops.

The collection

Gianpaolo Olianas's production is characterized by an emphasis on handicraft procedures which allow to model each object as a unique piece. Artefacts designed to furnish and decorate the house, have irregular shapes, different from one another. His style is characterized by a peculiar taste featuring vibrant blue shades. One of his main features is the rich iconography inspired by stylised plant and animal elements. His ceramic production is extensive: containers of various shapes and sizes, coffee/tea sets, furnishings and various custom objects.

The technique

Made following the plate, coiling and manual techniques, artefacts are decorated with graffiti and paintings, featuring glazes and tin-glazes. The use of non-toxic materials ensures their use for culinary purposes.

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Where to find them

Ceramica Olianas Sardegna Via San Giovanni, 184 09124 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 44450 - +39 328 3172711