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Marcella Sanna Laboratorio Tessile Medusa

The artisan

Laboratorio Tessile Medusa in Samugheo, a village in the province of Oristano renowned for its lively textile tradition, counts prestigious and distinctive creations by the sisters Marcella and Daniela Sanna, who in 2004, showing great insight and enthusiasm, took over a well-equipped established textile business that had been set up in the 1970s. They developed their own entrepreneurial experience building on the skills acquired from their family. The sophisticated textile production of the workshop, expertly managed in all respects by Marcella, features great craftsmanship which is effectively interpreted and innovated attaining an elegant scenic impact, revealing a thorough knowledge of and ties with tradition, enhanced by new contemporary inspirations. The customised textiles for homes and exclusive hotel facilities in the well-known tourist area of Costa Smeralda and of the main tourist centres across the island are numerous and remarkable. Laboratorio Tessile Medusa promotes its production every year at the renowned Sardinian Handicraft Fair in Samugheo, which exhibits the most prestigious textile artefacts of the island.

The collection

The production of Laboratorio Tessile Medusa, with its distinctive style that reinterprets tradition with contemporary taste, counts carpets, curtains, upholstery, drapery and tablecloths, and other coordinated fabrics, which are the ideal décor for accommodation facilities and hotels. Products are handcrafted with the pibiones relief technique using a variety of looms, which make it possible to customise the products with great flexibility. Customers are carefully advised in the selection of designs and colour combinations.

The technique

The fabrics are woven with manual or semi-automatic looms; all decorations are handcrafted according to the typical pibiones technique, in two possible variants: semi-pieno (half-bodied) and tutto pieno (full-bodied).

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Tessile Medusa Via Gramsci, 151 09086 Samugheo (OR)


Telefono: +39 078364087; 348 3713085; 349 8193848

Sito web: