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Is Femmineddas

  • A heterogeneous group of birds turn their surprised gaze towards the world, unaware of the beauty of their own colorful plumage. Crafted using wood and recycled materials, they have unique and singularly inspired form and composition: a distinctive trait of this artisanal workshop.

  • Despite its difficult life, Faustino the dog seems to be in love...

  • These playful crabs look excited, maybe for the pleasure of an unexpected encounter. Varying in details and colours with a creative one-off manufacturing design, they are made of wood and other recycled materials, exploiting the traces left by previous uses.

  • The large fish, unaware of its own beauty, is engaged in exciting everyday adventures.

  • Men and women outside their happy homes are represented in positions that encourage new dialogues and thus stories yet to be told.

The artisan

Women of the Matriarchal Sardinian tradition gaze out curiously and with innate pride, without limits in space and time, from the Is Femmineddas creations, populated by fish, fishing boats, cats and poetic, albeit dilapidated, houses. The innovative production of the artisan workshop of Francesca Serra and Massimo Mei stands out for the creation of artistic objects crafted with wood and recycled materials, which testify long life and experience, which these two craftspeople shape into new forms with new meanings inspired by their multifaceted island. Francesca and Massimo believe that creative work is a synergy, a lucky encounter that enhances inspiration, combining the reused materials with an original account of memories. In their home-workshop in Siliqua, in the South of Sardinia, creativity reigns, surrounded by pieces of wood and discarded materials selected to tell yet more stories, spreading good humour. Is Femmineddas can be easily recognised due to their unmistakable features. They are present in the main trade fairs in the local and national handicraft sector and their artefacts are sold in the main Sardinian handicraft and home décor shops.

The collection

The Is Femmineddas production of artistic and decorative objects stands out for its personal, poetic and subtly witty style, populated by beautiful pleasing subjects, such as the easily recognisable is feminiddas women and their comrade men – ominis - wearing traditional clothes, surrounded by donkeys, dogs and other animals in crumbling villages, or by fish, octopuses and crabs in underwater environments. Paintings, decorative elements, lamps, mirrors and small original and descriptive sculptures are realised according to their artistic flair using recycled materials.

The technique

The first step is the search for and gathering of materials, selected according to the project. This is followed by the cutting carried out with various mechanical equipment, by the assembling and the realisation of ever-changing decorative details, and finally by the finishing with special protective paints. The pictures are individually shaped and hand-decorated.

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Where to find them

Piazza Stazione FF.SS. 5a 09010 Siliqua (CA)


Telefono: +39 328 129 2962