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Ceramiche Mattana

The artisan

Ceramiche Mattana is a family-run business founded in 1987 by Ignazia Mattana and which is now run by her daughter Simona, whose enthusiasm and expertise renew the family tradition. After completing her apprenticeship at the workshop of a well-known local ceramist, which she started when she was only fifteen, Ignazia decided to set up her own workshop in Assemini, a village renowned for its longstanding ceramic tradition, motivated by great passion and strongly supported in this new activity by her husband Luciano. The first production included a small series of glazed tableware, decorated with patterns typical of the local tradition. Simona, even as a young girl, participated in the family business with great interest, actively contributing to the production. She graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In time, the activity has consolidated and the production has increased, introducing new shapes and customising motifs, always centred on tradition. The Ceramiche Mattana collections are currently available in the major tourist centres on the island which specialise in the sale of quality handicrafts.

The collection

Ceramiche Mattana production focuses mainly on decorative tableware, which takes the form of a variety of objects and designs: elegant dinner services, centrepieces, fruit bowls, bowls and other kinds of table sets, pots, containers and lamps decorated with fine traditional drawings engraved on the objects and painted with the sfumato technique, which, where needed, use unleaded enamels so as to make all these items suitable to be used for food.

The technique

In the laboratory, artefacts are lathe-shaped, sheet-shaped, and moulded or manually shaped. Engraving, slip or glazing are used in many different ways to decorate the artefacts. Third firing for gold and metal glitter is also performed.

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Where to find them

Simona Mostallino via Rio Taloro, 20 Assemini (CA)

Telefono: +39 070 9477117